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Lipstick And Gloss 
The most important thing to complete the look . Also a layer of foundation on the lips could fill in the cracks if any. Then apply a light to medium lipstick. If dark tones look good on you it could look just fine. If you want an extra shine add a layer of lip-gloss

Concealer Or Stick Foundation
A concealer will help to cover the spots on your face, bags or redness, if any. The nice thing about concealer is that it will serve the purpose not only of a cream compact foundation, but is available in different colors. Get a shade matching your skin color. Dab it onto places where you need and evenly spread on the face. Don’t overdo it let it look natural. You could buy Clinique City Stick.

Eye Makeup

Eyes make up is very important to complete the look .For some women the eyes make up lasts for hours and some fades in minutes.

Using a concealed brush, apply concealed all over your lid, from lash line to brow. If your lids are extra oily apply a mortifying product first, then put your concealer on top. Finish it of with a dusting powder.

Since its summer time use neutral tones when it comes to eyeshadows. Stay away from creamy formulasm

As for liners, liquid liner stays longer.

 Also you can take a cake liner and mix it with an eyeliner-sealing product. After applying the liner, just put some of the sealer on your liner brush, then re trace the line, which you have made earlier.

Since its your wedding day, and incase tears of joy flow use waterproof mascara to be on the safe side.